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Why a Cardboard Bike Makes Sense

We’ve been seeing a lot of press lately about a bike made of cardboard. The inventors are working hard to bring the bike to the public as an affordable, eco-friendly mode of transportation. Many people are surprised that such a durable contraption can be built from little more than paper products. But in reality, they […]

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Make Sustainability a Priority on World Environment Day (and Every Day After!)

Most people remember Earth Day on April 22nd each year, but did you know that June 5th marked World Environment Day? Having these days set aside reminds us to be mindful of the impacts our activities have on the world as a whole. It’s the perfect time to reflect on current business practices, and come […]

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How the Right Packaging (Safely) Preserves Your Food

Keeping food intact throughout processing and shipping is an important objective for manufacturers and distributors. But food preservation isn’t the only consideration that should be made. Plastic packaging and cans are usually effective at protecting food from damage, but additives within the materials can impact the food’s integrity. Recently, studies have linked BPA, a common […]

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Buy American this Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from us at M&M Box Partitions here in the heart of Chi-town. For us, it’s a time to recap a year that saw its ups and downs and statistical loop-de-loops. We came into this year as a nation determined to aright itself out of a big economic slump; determined to compete better on […]

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Protecting Your Vino from Breakage with Partitions

Chicago, the city we proudly hail from, has a long history of different immigrant cultures rubbing shoulders together in its crowded neighborhoods and avenues. And one of the richest traditions that Chicago has is its long-standing Italian community. Tens of thousands of Italian workers and their families have poured into Cook County in the past […]

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Proper Packaging of Lithium Ion Batteries

Recently, the U.S. Postal Service announced that it would suspend deliveries of electronic devices such as iPads, iPhones, laptops, Kindles, and Nooks, etc. to American soldiers serving overseas. There is, to be fair, a rationale behind this move: the lithium ion batteries that power devices such as these can be temperamental and flammable; and if […]

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When It Comes to Food Packaging, It’s Best to Deliver Quickly

Sometimes, when you’re eating out at a restaurant, you want to “ease into” your meal. There’s a whole enjoyment factor about eating at a place where your food isn’t rushed onto a plastic tray for immediate consumption. Before the main course, you’re invited (oftentimes expected) to tuck into an appetizer or two, and enjoy a […]

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How Best to Deal with Shipping Broken Ceramics

Ceramics and pottery are fragile materials to begin with. How many times has your business ordered a bulk-order shipment of ceramics that – despite all the best packaging efforts and intentions – still contained a few cases of “broken crockery?” While a few bad apples in one shipment don’t mean especially much (at least usually), […]

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We Want to Know from Our Readers – What Kinds of Projects Are You Making These Days?

Let’s be clear and forthright that much of the goal of writing a social media blog is to convey one’s own, clear message to the waiting ears of Joe Q. Public, and – hopefully – sell some products and/or make some business friends along the way. But there’s really more to it than that, isn’t […]

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