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Why a Cardboard Bike Makes Sense

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BikesWe’ve been seeing a lot of press lately about a bike made of cardboard. The inventors are working hard to bring the bike to the public as an affordable, eco-friendly mode of transportation. Many people are surprised that such a durable contraption can be built from little more than paper products. But in reality, they should be surprised nobody thought of it sooner!

Corrugated material is not only cheap, it’s also incredibly strong. This strength is further augmented by folding or rolling the corrugated sheets. But a bicycle needs to be more than just strong; it needs to be durable. Bikes are pedaled through puddles, rolled over pot-holes, and must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions. Corrugated board on its own isn’t water proof, but a simple coating process takes care of that issue.

Corrugated board is also ideal because there’s so much of it. All of those moving boxes, shipping containers, and protective materials can build up very quickly. Making something totally new from this refuse gives it new life. The resulting bicycle is eco-friendly, and promotes carbon-free transportation.

The fact that this bike is made from such cheap materials is also a major plus. In many cities, housing is expensive enough without factoring in a car or train ticket. And in less developed areas, a bike may be all that separates a person from walking miles each day for water. Having an option that suits little to no budget can truly be a life-saver.

What other unique uses have you found for cardboard or corrugated board? Let us know on Twitter.

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