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We Make Our Partitions Using 100% Post-Consumer Waste

A lot of North American consumers don’t as yet know the difference between pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials. The most singular difference between the two types of material is their ease of implementation in developing fresh products. Pre-consumer waste is usually a lot easier to “mix in” when designing products made from recycling. For example, […]

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M & M Box Gives You the New Year’s Eve Survival Guide

If you’re like tens of millions of other Americans, you’re probably more than halfway through your Christmas shopping by now. Maybe you’ve already bought everything you need for Christmas on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, and you’re 100% finished. Two weeks to go and you’ve already got it all covered, right? It’s time now to […]

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Happy Boxing Day

There isn’t any relation that we’re aware of between Boxing Day and the kind of boxing that we do here at M & M Box Partitions. But there is a certain time (usually around the holidays) where you begin to feel like maybe they should go ahead and make every day into “Boxing Day” up […]

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