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Happy Boxing Day

There isn’t any relation that we’re aware of between Boxing Day and the kind of boxing that we do here at M & M Box Partitions. But there is a certain time (usually around the holidays) where you begin to feel like maybe they should go ahead and make every day into “Boxing Day” up through New Year’s. What with all the gift-wrapping, the present-sending, and last minute Web-searching on Amazon that goes into a typical holiday season, one can begin to feel as though one was living out of a box.

The key to making one’s holiday boxing easier? Divide and conquer. M & M Box Partitions has been in this business much too long not to recognize the essential need for businesses to organize and carefully compose their holiday shipments by way of box partitioning. That way nothing gets broken or lost, and no angry customers come yammering your way on your inquiry line come Christmas Eve.

We specialize in any number of high quality styles of box partitioning. Whether your business needs smaller, more intricate partitions to accommodate your shipments of chocolate and Christmas tree ornaments this season, or whether you’re in the sparkling wine or champagne industry and are in the process of battening down the corks in preparation for New Year’s, M & M Box Partitions has a fit for all your boxing needs.

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