Protecting Your Vino from Breakage with Partitions

Chicago, the city we proudly hail from, has a long history of different immigrant cultures rubbing shoulders together in its crowded neighborhoods and avenues. And one of the richest traditions that Chicago has is its long-standing Italian community. Tens of thousands of Italian workers and their families have poured into Cook County in the past two centuries – indelibly marking the city with their churches, storefronts, and way of life. Part of that way of living has always been a fine appreciation for all things wine-grape. At M&M Box Partitions, we’d like to think we carry within ourselves a whiff of that Old Country tradition in our own partition-making for the wine industry.

Our wine partitioning skills and experience are as formidable as our city’s history. While wine-grape production has long since shifted predominantly out to California and the Pacific Northwest, we still provide some of the sturdiest partitioning available on the market for some of the most trusted names in the wine industry. Our corrugated partitions for wine bottles are as reliable and capable as our rapid turnaround and delivery time. We make it our sure business to get you your partitioning on-time, so you can deliver your vino to whichever part of the country is most in need. And being that the American wine industry is a perpetual bull market (accounting for $33B per year in California alone) both nationally and globally, we know there’s always someone waiting in the wings for a nice glass of Merlot or Cabernet.

So salute from us here at M&M Box Partitions. We promise you two things: never to let your wine break, and that goes double for your bank account! Order from us online or by phone today!

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