How Best to Deal with Shipping Broken Ceramics

Ceramics and pottery are fragile materials to begin with. How many times has your business ordered a bulk-order shipment of ceramics that – despite all the best packaging efforts and intentions – still contained a few cases of “broken crockery?” While a few bad apples in one shipment don’t mean especially much (at least usually), the costs mount up if you’re running a long-term ceramics shipment program. There may even be the necessity of sending away of these ceramics for repairs and refurbishment… this usually calls for even more precautionary packaging and box partitioning to ensure that the already broken pieces don’t arrive even more “defected”.

Of course, one can go the low-budget route of simply adding bits and pieces of newspaper and discarded bubble-wrap to help protect one’s items, but this is hardly feasible when it comes to more high-end ceramics. One of the best solutions for shipping broken high-end ceramics is by using specially customized partitioning inside your delivery boxes. Not only does the highly precise nature of each individual partitioning square allow for very little “wiggle room” for ceramics to break, but the material with which the partitioning gets made can be engineered to be especially accommodating and impact-resistant. M & M provides just these kinds of materials and packaging services. With the right customized level of quality at your beck and call, you’ll soon see that – just like spilled milk – there’s little use fretting over broken ceramics. Sit back for once and let the partitioning experts help on the job!

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