It doesn’t matter what job you work – whether you are an office worker, working on a manufacturing floor, involved in the transport of goods, or any other profession – there is always the issue of safety. Staying safe at work should be the primary goal of all workers and companies, as the goals of both should be that all workers go home at the end of the day safe, and healthy. Roughly 11 workers die on the job each day in the United States – how can you make sure one of your employees is not added to that toll?

Know Your Data

To know where you need to improve your safety, you need to collect and analyze the hazards, near-misses, and incidents that occur in your workplace. Don’t rely on just on pen and paper, you’ll want to develop a database that is easily searchable and easy to modify as time goes by. A database can be organized and analyzed much more easily.

Engage Employees

The best way to develop plans that are effective is to engage those that the plans affect. Even the closest observer will miss some subtleties that workers may have to deal with, or miss rare events that could be high-danger activities. Get the opinions and input of employees to find out where some of the strengths and weaknesses are for your company.

Develop a Plan and Measure Progress

Once you know the problems you may be facing and the history of your facility, you can work on goals and processes to improve safety. Goals give everyone something to aim for. These could be a reduction in incidents, time lost due to incidents, a reduction of near-misses, or a variety of other measurements. Once you have those goals in place, work on developing processes and programs to reach them. This could include preventative courses, certifications, training, and ongoing safety curriculums. A comprehensive program that addresses the dangers found in your specific industry will be needed, as this is not a one-size-fits-all area.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone within a company can work together to make sure we all get home safe at night. Through using resources available, whether through the National Safety Council or other organizations aimed at improving worker safety, we can reduce these incidents. At M&M Box, we have the aim of reducing our incidents to zero, and we hope that is the goal for all manufacturers. After all, a company is only as healthy as its employees.

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