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The History of the Corrugated Packaging Industry

Foto SearchDuring the last week of September, we celebrated Corrugated Week. It is a weeklong event dedicated to the corrugated packaging industry. This blog will be dedicated to the history of corrugated packaging throughout the years.

Albert L Jones was the first person to use corrugated paper to ship fragile items such as bottles. In 1871, he was issued a patent for his single sided corrugated board.  In 1874, Oliver Long improved on Jones’ design bringing us corrugated board with liner sheets on both sides. This is the corrugated board we know today. In 1889, the very first continuous corrugator was developed by the Sefton Manufacturing Co.

The first known instance of corrugated paper occurred in 1903. In 1905, a group of manufacturers joined together to standardize the material and to make it suitable for all railroad shipping use. The partnership with the railroads helped the expansion and adoption of corrugated packaging.  Another jump forward came in 1935 when the Sefton Manufacturing Co. developed the technique to apply heat at the glue line allowing for an instant bond.

All of these developments over the last 143 years have led to M&M Box Partitions ability to serve our customers well. Our strict quality control program ensures that all of your measurements, specifications and special instructions are met. Please contact us today for all of your corrugated packaging needs.

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