We Want to Know from Our Readers – What Kinds of Projects Are You Making These Days?

Let’s be clear and forthright that much of the goal of writing a social media blog is to convey one’s own, clear message to the waiting ears of Joe Q. Public, and – hopefully – sell some products and/or make some business friends along the way. But there’s really more to it than that, isn’t there? A lot more. Social media isn’t just about talking about one brand till one’s face turns blue – though that’s a great and useful part of it. No… another, equally valid part of social media is getting customer/blog reader feedback about their own experiences. Since we’re a box partitioning company, we want to ask you a simple question: what are you working on these days?

In the packaging, partitioning, warehousing, or transporting of various consumer goods – everything from consumer electronics to packaged food – we can only imagine how many different kinds of applications you might be developing at your business right now. Not only do we want to know what kinds of assignments you’re working on these days, but if they require a certain level of quality delivery shipping and handling to ensure they make it to the customer on time and in one piece? Are you an electronics company who ships its components from China and Taiwan to the States and Canada? Are you an automotive parts manufacturer or supplier who does a steady living at building new product, but wonders if there might be a way to match product quality with packaging quality?

We’d love to hear from you, both and now and over the ongoing months. Whether or not we end up doing business together is pretty much irrelevant – most likely we aren’t, nor have we ever. But it would give our company a better sense of where it’s headed, and possibly help your own business articulate a better, clearer vision of the “Next Big Thing” you’re seeking to develop and package.

Let us know when you can. You can call us at 800-992-3557, or email us at jrm@mmboxpartitions.com. Good packaging is a nice and easy convenience to you. To us, it’s a way of life.

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