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New Uses for Old Corrugated Boxes and Partitions

With paper and board products being among the most popular packaging materials, we’re often left wondering what to do with all of the excess we receive. Of course, there are the easy solutions – moving and storing household and office goods. But what other ways are there to use corrugated cardboard shipping materials?

Rainy Day Activities

Anyone who’s been cooped up with kids on a rainy day knows that it can be hard to keep everyone happy and occupied. But playing board games isn’t the only activity you can partake in – creating your own board games can be even more fun and engaging. Have everyone come up with ideas for what kind of game they’d like to play, and then give each person a job in making that game from old corrugated cardboard containers. Once game-time is over, the next task could be building and painting a cardboard fort, furniture, or picture frame. The Chicago Children’s Museum has even more great ideas posted online.

Creative Pursuits

You’ve no doubt heard that you can make a functioning camera from scratch using a cardboard box – but have you ever tried it? Here are some tips to finally try it. All you need are a cardboard box, some paint, a sharp object to make the pinhole, paper, tape, and film.

Safe Storage

Moving and storing fragile objects can be stressful, but taking advantage of extra corrugated boxes and partitions can help keep things safe and secure. Paperboard partitions are perfect for storing Christmas ornaments and other small objects. They, along with traditional layer pads, are also great for keeping glass dishes and bowls separated while packed in the same box; providing a buffer during transit. Make use of more than just boxes – use partitions and layer pads inside of the boxes for a stress-free move.

Mobile Organization

Want to bring in all of the groceries without making multiple trips from the car to the kitchen? Keep large cardboard boxes in the trunk and load the bags into one of the boxes after shopping. Then, just carry that one box into the house. The boxes are also helpful in keeping automotive products from rolling around and getting lost in the back of the car.

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Keeping Your Christmas Ornaments Safe Year Round

Red Christmas Tree Ornament in SnowThe holiday season is upon us and that means it is time to dust off the Christmas ornaments and start decking the halls! While this is a joyous time of year, nothing is more frustrating than going up to attic, opening that box marked “X-Mas Stuff” only to find your treasured family ornaments broken or crushed. For many people, ornaments are more than just decorations, they are family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

One great way to keep your ornaments safe is by properly packing them when not in use. M & M Box’s line of box partitions and layer pads can really be helpful for these situations. They are made from strong and long-lasting fiberboard or corrugated strips that are cut, slotted, and assembled to form protective cells. These cells can range in size from ¼” to 60” in length and width, and 5/8” to 24” in height. To add even more safety for precious ornaments, we also suggest our custom poly coated layer pads.

In the end, in addition to utilizing the right packaging materials, the key is make sure that you take extra time to carefully pack and store your ornaments each year. Make sure not to force too many items into a box, avoid placing other boxes, no matter how light, on top of the box, and store them in a temperature-controlled environment.

We hope that these tips will help keep your Christmas ornaments safe the whole year ‘round.

Happy Holidays from everyone at M & M Box!

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