M & M Box Gives You the New Year’s Eve Survival Guide

If you’re like tens of millions of other Americans, you’re probably more than halfway through your Christmas shopping by now. Maybe you’ve already bought everything you need for Christmas on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, and you’re 100% finished. Two weeks to go and you’ve already got it all covered, right? It’s time now to breathe free and easy, rest easy on your Christmas wreath, and maybe polish up on those caroling skills, right?


Three words for you: “Happy New Year.”

Yes, late December can feel a little like rush-hour when it comes to celebrating. Just when you think you’ve out-done yourself for all time; that you’ve gone the extra mile and bought everybody else exactly what they wanted for Christmas this year; that you’ve successfully digested the turkey, the Yorkshire pudding, and the umpteenth pumpkin pie; that you’ve dodged all the traffic and successfully seen your in-laws off to the airport for still another year – wham – here comes another major national holiday.

Luckily, M & M has a word for the wise in surviving this next major yuletide onslaught. And the word is “champagne.” Or “sparkling wine” if you want two words.

Whichever the case, if you want enough bubbly to go around for the party, you’re going to want boxes of it. It saves you the time of having to go out to the specialty store and individually select your bottles. And let’s not forget either that it can be more economical to buy in bulk. The one critical component you can’t forget when carrying champagne (or sparkling wine) in bulk is – of course – having the right partitions in your box. We recommend die-cut inserts for your boxes so that the bottles fit just right, and don’t clink against one another. We also recommend layer padding for much the same reasons. Remember, champagne is your lifeline out of the holidays and back into normality. Treat your champagne bottles right and guard them against breakage. Happy holidays!

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