SBS Partitioning and its Use for Pharmaceutical Packaging

One of the steady workhorses for our company in recent years is our partition work on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. With the minute number of bottles, boxes, pillboxes, and various containers that pharmaceuticals require when being shipped, and given the fact that profit margins from major US and European drug companies continues to soar, it’s small wonder that so much of our business comes from medicine and OEM medical device packaging.
Pharmaceutical PackagingOne of the main reasons companies trust us to provide partitions for their products is our mastery of SBS partition building.

SBS, otherwise known as solid bleached sulfate, is the ideal partition material for pharmaceutical shipping. Comprised of premium paperboard, coated with a thin layer of kaolin clay to better its printing surface legibility, and oftentimes additionally coated with polyethylene resin in order to protect against costly spillage and product spoilage damages; SBS partitioning keeps medical bottles and containers protected, neatly organized, and well-labeled throughout the rigors of transport and handling.

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