Our Work with Poly-Coated Partitioning Material

At M & M Box Partitions, we have extensive experience in all kinds of partition materials. Oftentimes, we get customers who aren’t fully sure of what they’re looking for in terms of the right kind of partition for their packaging. They know all the necessary dimensions, and have a good grasp of the pricing, but they aren’t always up on the exact kind of partitioning material that best suits their products. On that note, we thought it might be helpful to write a series of blogs that detail some of the types of partitioning materials we carry, and their best common uses.

For today’s entry we wanted to focus mainly on poly-coated partitioning material. Poly-coated material is prized for a number of properties, primarily its resistance to scuffing, water, and grease. These qualities not only make poly-coating material good for long-distance transportation of small containers of liquids and oils, but also make it ideal for use in delivering industrial components that inevitably have a certain amount of residual grease on their just-fabricated surfaces; components such as bolts, ball bearings, and screws are all perfect for this kind of partitioning.

We stock poly-coated partitioning at our facility here in Chicago in a number of sizes, ranging anywhere from .016” – .125” thickness. For more information about our partitioning products, feel free to contact us at 800-992-3557, or continue browsing our website.

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