It’s Official: the Packaging Industry Is Starting to Pick Itself Up

Green Arrow IncreasingIt’s an uncontested fact that the packaging industry is one of the leading indicators of the state of an economy. Since the approximate number of packages traveling by rail, freight, ship, or plane can readily be compiled any given month, the resulting figure can offer a healthy metric as to how many customers are making purchases both domestically and abroad, and how many manufacturers and distributors are supplying product to their customers.

Now as to the state of the American economy… that’s a somewhat more highly contested fact depending on your viewpoint and whom you listen to. While we at M & M Box Partitions can certainly appreciate that the American economy has a hard road ahead of itself in terms of recovery, we can also attest that the new numbers don’t lie: orders for our custom partitioning are up.

For example, we’re seeing much larger volumes of orders from the hardware packaging industry. Those who package the locks, hinges, and handles for windows and doorframes have been jostling for our business. For a country that’s still in the throes of recovering from the housing bubble crash, the greater demand for home-building hardware can only mean a good thing. Corrugated Earth

Food packaging orders are also on the rise. In particular we seem to be getting a tremendous amount of traffic from the confectionery industry. If this were still December, we might be able to chalk up this increase in traffic to the holidays, and to all those who require chocolates, pralines, and assorted sweets for their holiday parties. But this isn’t December, this is January, America. The orders for gourmet products keep coming. Could this mean that people in the States these days are willing to spend more money on luxuries and not simply necessities? While we as yet have to perform any statistical research in tandem with the University of Chicago’s School of Economics, all we can point to are our own numbers: the rising orders for box partitioning.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging orders are picking up as well. In short, major American industries are looking more and more to our customized partitioning solutions and products for their shipment orders. Whether this is some actual indicator that the US economy is finally picking up its “spilled packages,” all we can offer is this maxim of our own design: “As goes partitioning, so goes packaging; as goes packaging, so goes the economy.”

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