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Subscription Boxes: Marrying Doorstep Convenience With The Element Of Surprise For A Thriving Business Model

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People love receiving surprises – the pleasant kind. There is the anticipation of treasures unveiled and the enjoyment of welcoming new gifts into life. And the subscription box industry capitalizes on this basic tendency to pamper buyers and earn profits.

It is extremely easy for someone – say a beauty product aficionado to go online and sign up for a monthly subscription of products from renowned brands curated with care and delivered in an attractive packaging right to the doorstep. While the actual contents remain a mystery, the theme of the boxes aligns with the niche of the subscription company.

A consumer expecting a goody box of organic food will not discover lingerie nestled in the delivered package. Subscription boxes satisfy the desire to acquire items of interest and they automate the process – ensuring delivery of a bundle once a month, without fail. However there is one aspect of this model that may deter customers from upgrading to the full sized products based on premium performance by the samples and that is visual appeal.

And this is where the importance of the design of subscription boxes – both aesthetic and structural comes into play!


The answer is simple. The packaging here becomes prime real estate with which a positive impression can be made on the user. Since there is no flattering lighting, no rack cards and no expensive display cases, the actual delivery box itself must do triple duty to take over the job of these tools of influence. The best products don’t inspire desire if they are poorly ensconced in bubble wrap and dull brown cardboard that tends to turn soggy with moisture.

A subscription box is an experience. It is a small and carefully assembled medley of items the recipient has probably not tried before. Since they are opened and admired in the privacy of a bedroom or a living room, there is a huge opportunity to grab attention without the distraction of a hundred rival products screaming their presence.


Keeping this fact in mind, many innovative subscription box players choose to put in a great deal of thought where their packaging is concerned. The integrity of the structure must be maintained. It should be able to bear thumps, jostles and drops along the way without affecting the contents inside.

Corrugated constructions are an extremely popular option because they are both sturdy and conducive to printing.

Design wise appealing motifs, colors and abstracts are common. They stand for the personality of the subscription box brand as well as the actual products being offered. Some packages are works of art with etchings on the inside too. It all depends on what is cost effective for the subscription company.

But with advancements in this industry, a polished, sleek look in keeping with the web/store presence of the brand is possible and the budget isn’t really a detriment.

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