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Back to School Bliss with Corrugated Boxes

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Art SuppliesSomehow we’ve reached the end of summer. For many adults all this means is a change in wardrobe. But for parents and children, it’s back to school season. Soon enough, desks will be filled with pencils and craft supplies, and lockers will be stuffed to the brim with books and other personal items. We’re all familiar with how quickly these things can pile up.

But with a little creativity and diligence, even the busiest student can maintain some order in their school supplies.

Corrugated box partitions are versatile and can often be reused from packaging materials. On top of a desk, in a cubby, or inside of a craft supply box these partitions can keep paints, crayons, markers, tape dispensers, and many more items safely stowed. This is especially helpful for individual paint containers that can leak or spill when being put away after use.

And even the ubiquitous corrugated box can find new life during back to school season. Older students can turn shoe boxes and other boxes of similar size on their sides and decorate them with colorful wrapping paper, or can cover them with paint and self-made designs. These boxes can then be used as shelving for textbooks and notebooks, protecting them from wet rain jackets and dingy gym clothes. Not only that, but it also gives kids a fun after-school activity to get them more excited during their first days and weeks.

Do you have any other creative uses of cardboard and corrugated materials that can help during back to school season? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

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