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There is something unique about the Google logo. Do you know what it is? If you look closely you will find that the innovative minds at this global tech giant have sneakily introduced ‘green’ – a secondary color – amidst the primary hues of red, blue and yellow. This stands for the subtle rebellion that Google is all about. The ability to stick to the conventional yet tackle the disruptive just as easily!

This time around an alliance has been forged between the humble cardboard and virtual reality to create a new age version of Oliver Wendell Holmes’ classic 3D Stereoscope. And unlike the Oculus Rift that costs a pretty penny for the stylish gear, Google’s offering will rely on the ubiquitous and environment friendly cardboard to take users on journeys through space and time.

One Cardboard


The Stereoscope allowed users to peer through two lenses at a specially taken photograph and enjoy the sensation of a first-hand 3D experience. In Google’s take of this tried and tested principle, a cardboard cutout costing a few dollars serves as the stand for the smartphone with the installed application.

Users who wish to have an immersive virtual reality session simply need to download the app from the Google Play Store or from the iTunes repository. It is free of cost and a lean little piece of work that won’t take up too much processing power. The cutout supports up to 6 inches of display without hassles.

Simply open the application, scan the Google QR code stamped on the cutout to trigger operation and then strap the mobile phone to it with the Velcro strips to hold it securely in place. Now you can choose the experience that you wish to have and hold the assembly to your eyes, just like a binocular to get started.

From a trip to the base of the Eiffel Tower to the rugged red surface of Mars, the app already has tons of scenarios to sample. Since it is an open application, independent developers will add their personality to the VR clips available and this almost free set-up is all set to bypass more expensive Virtual Reality alternatives in the market.


First and foremost, it uses nothing more than a smart device to work its magic. There is no need to produce fancy head gear and add to the waste on planet earth. Secondly because Google Cardboard is so affordable, it will find widespread use in education where students can go through wars and historical events or even scientific experiments in a 3D setting to develop an unprecedented understanding of concepts and theories. Text is already on the way out and Google Cardboard reaffirms dynamic learning’s importance for coming generations.

M&M Box Partitions salutes Google for this stroke of genius and for using something as simple as cardboard to usher in the future.

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